As restaurants replace plastic or paper menus to prevent the spread of germs and cut back on waste, SnappMenu takes digital menus to the next step in powering order and pay at the table options. Customers will scan a QR code with their phones either at or before sitting at their table and interact with a live menu to place orders directly on their phone.

Implementing the digital menu cuts back on paper waste, saves hundreds of dollars on ink, and provides easy updates to the live menu on the fly. While SnappMenu helps restaurants with compliance and cost savings, customers have enjoyed the speed and accuracy of their orders while feeling safe throughout the process.

The setup process is simple. The restaurant provides a working version of their menu and the OrderSnapp team provides a fully functioning live menu, an order-receiving iPad, and the QR codes to be placed around the restaurant.

OrderSnapp is dedicated to empowering restaurants to stay open and serve smarter!

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