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Send Email and Text Messages Automatically Triggered by Customer Events







Gather Data

OrderSnapp makes it easy

Collecting customer data is key to running your business today, with integrated loyalty, Online and 3rd party ordering, OrderSnapp collects user data from all Order Points. This data provides the useful information needed to build a comprehensive, Automatic Triggered Marketing Campaign. All of your customer data in one place with the tools needed to maximize interaction.

Trigger Marketing

Send targeted emails and text messages triggered by customer events automatically.

  • New Customer order or Registration

  • Time period after customer visit (can be multiple)

  • Birthday Club

  • Lost Customer – Time period from last visit (can be multiple)

  • Customer ordered from 3rd party (Uber Eats, Door Dash, Ect.)

  • Specific value reached in Loyalty

  • More

Deliver More Than Food

Offers, Thank you, We miss you, Happy Birthday

Your customers emails, names, dates, locations, purchases, etc. are available for creating the most strategic automated triggers. This will ensure your special offers and reminders reach customers when it's most effective. Never miss an opportunity to maximize your earning potential!

Campaign Results

Immediate measured results

Reporting Dashboard to see the success of your Triggers. Whether a customer is new, hasn't ordered in a while, earned loyalty points, uses a 3rd party delivery service, or even if it's their birthday, you can bet that a specialized message will give them the motivation to continue to do business with your establishment.


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