Server Smarter with OrderSnapp


Before investing in a Point of Sale, you need to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether your money will be well spent. OrderSnapp is a wise choice in a sea of expensive and inadequate POS system software. Our team of full-stack developers and engineers apply case-studies to improve the OrderSnapp family of apps. Restaurant feedback and statistical data analysis is used to create a state-of-the-art, user-friendly POS solution.

Cloud-Based POS

Powerful cloud-based software combined with a reliable network to ensure you're always on.

Software that Works

Easy user interface gets your team up and running in no time. Access data anywhere, anytime. Open API allows integrations with most software partners.

Secure Payments

EMV payment solutions that allows your choice of payment processors. Pay at the table, secure online payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and stored customer tokens for quick pay.

Personalized Customer Support

Every merchant has a dedicated Business Advocate that learns and gets to know your business needs. After hours and Emergency Support available from our team of restaurant and technology experts.

Loyalty & Gift Card

Included loyalty and gift card programs to keep your customers engaged. Integrated program that works in-store and online.

Smart Marketing & SEO

OrderSnapp takes the work out of SEO and managing your online presence. Text and email your customers with promotional messages to increase loyalty, customer engagement, and revenue.

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Multi-Unit Enterprise Tools

Manage all you locations in one simple place. Edit your menus, coupons, and access smart reporting.

Integrated Online and 3rd Party Ordering

Receive all your orders in one easy to mange system. Data collecting and reporting from all order points has never been easier. Own your customers with OrderSnapp.

Employee Management

Clock-in, control employee access and report labor cost.

The Marketing Tools You Need

on a simple platform


We gather the data your business needs to launch an intelligent email and SMS campaign personalized to your individual customer experience.

Reach More Customers


Broaden your Margins


OrderSnapp’s technology helps you convert third-party orders to your customers—using your customized mobile ordering and smart marketing tools.




Our all-in-one platform combines ordering, real-time POS data and ways to turn that info into profits. It also includes everything from Search Engine Optimization to managing your reputation on Yelp and Google.



Run Smarter, Faster


OrderSnapp delivers a steady menu of software upgrades and inventive kiosk applications so you can grow with the digital flow. Adjust everything from marketing to menu in minutes. Have a question? We’re here 24/7.